Snap, Snap, POP

This Blog is my source of my DIY projects, Gardening tips, tricks and nifty things – AS WELL AS PHOTOGRAPHY, ART and DESIGN!

I like living in a unique place in the over massed produced world. I try to live as ‘green’ as I can. But I enjoy Technology, I love cheeseburgers, and Old School Photography. So I try to live sustainably, consciously, and reasonably. That occasionally means I get┬áreused, recycled, or refaced items. Some things I don’t. Here you will see various things I am doing from a hanging dish rack to how to get a good focused picture!

So please read my posts, leave a comment. And if you happen to like what you see and want to hire me to work with you, CONTACT ME. I am reasonable, chilled and drama-free Photographer!